Fun Things to do in a Party Bus

When you think of party bus the first fun thing you’ll think of is the drinking. However, there are many things you can do in a party or limousine bus Denver besides all the booze. Of course, it doesn’t mean you have to lose the booze but you can make partying on the road more fun even with little cocktail to go around. The following are some of the fun things you can do inside a part bus.

  1. Dance Battles

You can host dance battles inside the bus if there is space. Just make sure that you the bus is equipped with a speaker or something you can work with to make this activity a success. Make sure to check with the company is the rental is equipped with it or if you’ll have to bring a portable speaker instead.

  1. Karaoke Revolution

Perhaps one of the more obvious and easiest activity to do is a sing off or a karaoke. Everyone can sing even if off key so make a fun game of it instead. You can have the traditional karaoke style or you can play a game like somewhat like the riff off in Pitch Perfect.

  1. Charades

A fun game of charades can send anyone chortling so that may be a good idea to do. The host can prepare ridiculous situations that the guests have to act out for every body to guess all in good fun.

  1. Scavenger Hunt

This will somehow require your guest to hunt for a list of items that you’ll have to pass by. It could be a license plate or a hotel name even a street mark or tree. It can be a fun thing to do in groups and will surely have them talking.

  1. Tell Stories

This is something out of the ordinary but it can be like when you are camping with friends and the guests will have to listen attentively while someone tell a story. That could be a fun game to play.

Bonus: Paranoia Game

This is a game that actually is funny and daring. You’ll need a coin or something that has two sides that you can flip. So, here is how you play the game. You’ll start with a person this person will have to ask a question either to the person to the left or right of him. He must do it by whispering the question.

The person asked will then answer with a name. It is more fun if the person’s name is within the group. Then you will have to flip the coin. Depending on the agreement heads could be that the question will not be told to the group and tails will be when you tell the question to group or vice versa. If by any chance the chosen is that the question will be kept secret you move on and ask a new question.

There are many more games and activities you can do during when you are on your way to a party or back from it.  You just have to find it.

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