First Aid for Trees Right after a Storm

Trees after a storm can sustain damages and sometimes it can look pretty severe and it seems like there is no other way but to call an emergency tree removal service Memphis. It may not be obvious to everyone because usually right after a storm you probably think of cleaning the mess up. However, there is no need to remove a tree until it is really beyond saving.

Trees have given your property shade from the heat of the son. A lovely foliage to sit under to read books and relax. An added appeal and value to your property. And although trees never talks it is always something that should be treasured, especially of its importance.

Right after a storm some trees sustain great damages to themselves and it is up to you as property owner to take an immediate action because you can literally make or break the chance of the tree to survive after a violent storm.

  1. Experts

Unless you know how to save a tree after a storm, you might need to consult a professional arborist. They know the best technique to use to ensure that your tree has a big fighting chance of survival after the damage. It is recommended unless you know how, have the right equipment and training then you should leave this job to the professional.

  1. Safety

Professionals understand the danger of a seemingly harmless tree; especially after a storm. There might be utility or power lines around that could be very dangerous if not handle properly. So, it is of utmost importance that the people working on the job knows what they are doing.

  1. Broken

It is important that you remove the branches that are broken. A broken branch that is left dangling on the tree may fall on someones head and depending on the height that could cause a pretty bad concussion. It also won’t help the tree from recovering as it would need to heal itself first before it can commence on growing again.

  1. Torn Bark

The bark of the tree that is torn should also somehow be repaired as best as you could. This way insect won’t be able to make a home on the tree. If this happen you see instead of your tree recovering it might never heal because of this insects. So, it is better for the tree to get that damaged bark smoothed out.

  1. Over prune

Never ever over prune your tree. It may look odd and awkward because it is not of all the cuts and repairs you have done to it. However, trees can recover fast and those branches that look awkward will be able to grow better and the tree will be able to return to its natural beauty soon enough.

Trees should not be cut down unnecessarily. With an extra effort on your part you don’t have to lose the entirety of the tree. There are some things you can do before you can say that there is no saving the tree.

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